Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance (SCQF – Level 11)

Excel your FINANCIAL LITERACY with othm – UK Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance Leading to research stage in Msc in Accounting and Finance UK

The EduQual Diploma in Accounting and Finance offers those learners with relevant experience, and/or an honours degree supported by aptitude/potential, the knowledge and skills they need to be operationally effective in a career in the fields of accounting and finance. For those learners that have prior experience in accounting and finance and who also possess a professional qualification, the pathway through this programme will develop their professional competence.

The programme has been produced to conform to the requirements of UK regulatory authorities and the relevant Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) subject benchmark statements.

Course content

  • Strategy and Global Finance
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Strategic Auditing
  • Financial Analyst
  • Ethical Behavior and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Reporting
Duration: 6 Months
Credits: 120 credits
Language: English
Intake: Rotational / every unit
Degree Awarded: PGDM UK (SCQF 11)
Location: Different location in Colombo
Mode of delivery: In-class lecture